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Punk in action

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   Punk was a homeless kitten that I found through    Actually he was in a foster home with about 15 other felines.  
   This little gray kitten had a rough start in this world.  He was thrown out of a second story apartment window.  Oddly enough he landed on the ground in front of a Vet tech  on her way to work.   She took him to work to have him looked over for for injuries.  Amazingly enough there was no broken bones. 
   Operation Kindness posted his picture online.  That was my first time to even view the Site  Must of been fate. Needless to say  he has been here with me since September 2004. Just weeks old at the time. 
      Punk is ultra unique!




Punk loves the bathtub and has a real attraction to water.
 I will  screw the stopper into the bathtub and somehow he will get it out and bring it to me.  I have even filled the bathtub with about an inch of water, just to see what he would do.
  Sure enough he brings the stopper to me and drops it. 
   While taking a shower he has snuck right on in. I turn to look at him just sitting there while water is hitting him in the face. He loves it.


    Anyone that has ever loved a cat knows the emptiness that is felt after a cat has died. 
  Reluctant at first about getting a new cat .  It seemed unfair to just move a new kitten shortly after losing my two senior girls. I didn't want to ever forget anything about the past 18 years with Squirrel and Niki.  Nor did I want to cry everyday focussing on the  emptiness. 
   I was so lucky to be able to spend so many years with those two darling  souls. It was time to change my thinking and  be truly thankful for all the happiness, love  they gave so unconditionally 100%
     If you have lost a pet recently and have difficulty moving on without them.  I urge you to get another pet to keep you company/ to spoil.  
    Punk made a huge difference in my life. It is real hard to be unhappy with a crazed kitten in the house.  He makes me laugh everyday.
   Punk is in no way a lap cat like Squirrel was.  He shows his love by biting.  Odd huh?  In the morning he  starts biting my toes while I walk in a daze. He bites left then right  back and forth. He forces me to hop  from foot to foot.  Not biting hard , but enough to get my attention! 
   It can get  really frustrating sometimes but it is just too funny .   
       Punk would crawl under the covers while I was sleeping and work his way into the middle of my bed to get to my feet. For awhile I had to shut him out of my room so I could sleep. Thanks goodness he doesn't do that as much anymore.
    He is so much fun to have around.   I still miss my girls but I just think of the wonderful years we had.    


Niki and Squirrel

Animals are you're friend,  but they won't pick you up at the airport.

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