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They say memories are golden
Well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to Heaven
and bring you back again.
                    -Author unknown

Darlin Niki
U know ur a cat person when...
Oct 30, 1984 - Jan 28, 2001

Oct 30, 1984 - Jan 28, 2001

Darlin Niki is a Cameo persian with the copper eyes.
 She seemed to smile when  she was told "You are the prettiest one of all."
    When she would hear the doorbell ring (even if it was from the TV) she would growl like a dog and run to the door.
    Another unique thing about Niki was the way she loved to ride in my car.  She had a landmark she looked for, to let her know we were close to home. Coming from the "Poodle Parlor" (that's where she got her hair done, with the pretty bows) there was an overpass. When she would see it she would stand up in the passengers seat with one paw on the dash.  
   Niki always had the attitude "Look at me, but don't touch me".  In the last few years of her life she began to be more loving by laying right next to my head, or near where I was sitting.  Never a lap cat, that just wasn't her style.
  Darling Niki was very different, she had her own way of doing everything.  She is missed so much.
Niki was born Oct 30 1984
she died on January 28, 2001



Niki  ran, jumped the birds cage! Swinging there just taunting the bird. 
 The bird  had to go. My fear was he would bite Niki's paw. Bye Bye Birdy.





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Squirrel was born in Fort Worth, Tx   the summer of  1985,and has been right by my side, in my lap, on my head, under my feet, anywhere near me ever since she was about 6 weeks old.
   In fact she is in my lap now purring up a storm. She obviously feels her mission in life is to make sure she docks on me anytime I stop for a minute or two. She truly has my heart.
  When I first brought her home I had the hardest time thinking of a good name for her. In fact it took  over a month to find the name that fit her perfectly.  
 There was noway around naming her Squirrel since she acts like one even now.  Even at her elderly age she will still sit  up on her back legs and tap at my knees, and pants legs til I pick her up and hold her.
  When she was young I would tell her to " Go Long" and she would take off running, then I would throw her a french fry. I have an action shot (pictured below) of her and the french fry heading straight for her mouth, both paws outward to direct the french fry to its final destination.  Many times she would catch the french fries in her mouth.  She is a very unique cat.
    Squirrel has never been happy to see anyone visiting, and she doesn't have any problem expressing her feelings. She either makes herself totally out of site by standing up on her back legs and opening the door to go under my waterbed. This is her isolation area, her alone zone I suppose.  If she feels lonely or wants to make me feel sorry for her she will howl. It is the strangest sound I have ever heard from a cat.
        My Squirrel Girl is almost 18 years old  and she is in good health, I am happy to report.
     I have noticed her slowing down a great deal. Her shoulders must hurt her because she walks like an old woman, and lays down ever so gently,   and these days she gets up even slower.
   The thought  losing her is something I am trying real hard to accept as reality.  There is just no possible way to ever prepare myself.  The thought alone brings me to tears.  So I think I am going to just be here to help her through her senior years and make things as comfortable as I can for my friend.   There will be a time for tears later, cause she is still here with me now. 
         +++++++++++++++  UPDATE ++++++++++++++++
  My Squirrel girl died recently on June 9,2004
She has truly been My Sunshine for 18 years. I miss her more than words could ever say.
  She is running around like happy little kitten at Rainbow Bridge right about now. She is free of arthritis and old age that slowed her down so much in the past few years.
   I find comfort in knowing I will see her agian in Heaven one of these days.


Can you see the french fry in this picture?


Squirrel & Niki

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